Yelp makes it easy to support Asian owned businesses

During the epidemic, Asian Americans and the Pacific Islands faced an escalation of hate crime. Shake It believes it can help make it easier to support these communities. The company has Tie up the alliance Shops and restaurants that choose to identify in this way (including those that are strictly voluntary) will be searchable through the feature, including the inclusive nonprofit Gold House for presenting the label “Asian Owned” Business, and it will appear in the results. In other words you can order so quickly at local Chinese stores or Filipino restaurants.

Yelp said business pages have been “actively” shown to give hate speech targeting Asian businesses and would remove both racist or otherwise policy-violating content. The company has labels for Black-, Latin- and women-owned businesses.

This raises concerns that racists may use Yelp for business solely for physical assault and harassment. We asked the agency to comment on that possibility. It’s an opt-in label, so, merchants don’t have to be marked as Asian-owned if they’re not comfortable. If all goes well, this move may require a combination of abuse and epidemic restrictions on your preferred organizations until both (hopefully) go away.

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