Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

There is no responsibility for the attack on the port of al-Makha on the west coast of Yemen.

Yemeni officials said Houthi rebels in the country fired a ballistic missile and five explosive devices at a Red Sea port and destroyed warehouses for humanitarian aid.

The internationally recognized Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Saturday that the attack was on the port of Al-Makha on the west coast of Yemen.

No human casualties were reported, but the ministry’s statement said the attack had caused “major destruction” of the port’s infrastructure and that the warehouses of some aid organizations had been burned. It did not mention which agencies stored cargo at the port.

The southwest is essential for the import and delivery of humanitarian supplies. It is reported that the harbor was reopened for business a month ago after reconstruction and refurbishment work.

The attack was the last blame for the Houthis, who have accelerated their attacks on government areas in recent weeks, as well as cross-border attacks on neighboring Saudi Arabia.

The rebels do not accept responsibility for the attack.

Yemen has been plagued by a civil war since 2014 when the Houthis took control of the capital Sanaa and much of the northern part of the country, forcing the government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi to flee to the south. , then to Saudi Arabia.

A Saudi-led military coalition entered the war in March 2015, backed by the United States, to try to bring Hadi to power, and threw its support behind its internationally backed government. Despite a relentless air campaign and ground fighting, the war largely deteriorated and led to a stalemate, resulting in what the United Nations calls the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

The attack on the port of Al-Makha on Saturday comes after the new UN special envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, said on Friday that the poorest nation of the Arab world was ‘stuck in an indefinite state’. He warned that resuming peace talks would not be easy.

Earlier this year, the Houthi renewed their offensive in central Marib, but were unable to make significant progress and suffered heavy casualties. They also launched numerous cross-border attacks on Saudi Arabia.

Last month, a bomb-laden drone crashed at an airport in southwestern Saudi Arabia, wounding eight people and damaging a civilian plane, an attack that blamed the kingdom on the Houthis.

The attack on Saudi Arabia comes days after missiles and drones struck an important military base in southern Yemen and killed at least 30 Saudi-backed Yemeni troops.

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