You can buy it now, but you can’t afford LG’s $ 89,000 roll label OELD

Love 2 can inevitably be rich.

Love 2 can inevitably be rich.
Fig: LG / YouTube

LG’s Magical Rolling LED is now available for purchase in the United States, but readers, I’m sorry to warn you in advance that you really, Really This TV can’t stand it.

As spot HD Guru, LG seems to have quietly listed OLED and television With a “Ask Buy” button on its product page. Officially the screen Went on sale 100 million won in South Korea last year, which converted to about $ 89,000. Yes, that’s about 100,000 on a TV. No, I’m not able to tell you how much money someone would need to make this purchase justified from a distance.

Arrived to comment on current prices – as if any kind of discount is really important here A spokesman for LG LG can only say that the company has not officially announced the signature and OLED pricing and availability, but added that information should be available later in the second quarter. .

If LG’s signature and OLED retail in South Korea for its listed price, it will be four times more than the LG dream TV you can’t buy: LG’s signature OLED 8K ZX. That screen makes a picture so real (and so big) that while reviewing it I thought I could reach and touch the picture in front of me.

But OLED R, which is basically Debut A few years ago, something worked that even the huge and gorgeous 8K couldn’t LED: it did RollsBabu basically, you go to a big ass TV in a few minutes from the time you create the minimum coffee table viewing structure in your home. It’s an almost perfect design, although the highly rich-looking models in its promotional materials are accurately illustrated – it doesn’t impress us and we can’t afford it, no matter how much the display is discounted.

Hold on to me in 2040 when premium rollable TVs are something that some of us might even enjoy buying one day. Until then, dream.

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