Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

You can now stream Apple Music while playing games on your PS5.

Pictures: Sam Rutherford / Gizmodo

Apple Music subscriberss who own one PlayStation 5 Gaming consoles can now stream to their heart’s content after quietly rolling out New integration Subscription for music service this week.

At first it can be noticed by an eagle-eye Reddit users, The new integration allows users to connect their consoles to their Apple Music account in the same way that they have long been able to link Spotify account. Once connected, PS5 users can use their Apple Music library to play ambient tunes or play in the background via the console.

According to a PlayStation Blog, Apple Music customers can now use the PS5 to find and watch music videos from the huge library of music platforms:

“Start playing video in full screen; if you decide you want to go back to your gameplay or navigate somewhere else on the PS5’s home screen, the audio from the music video will continue,” the blog post said.. “If you want to go back to the music video, no matter where you are in the song, the song will go smoothly without any interruptions.”

Notably, the PS5 is the first gaming console to support Apple Music, and it’s a particularly conscious move considering that Sony, along with Microsoft, has partnered with Apple to create Apple TV. App Compatible with their consoles Last year. (Earlier this year, Sony expanded that partnership to offer a six-month free Apple TV + PS5 owners membership.) For those who play games and want to minimize their extensive home theater setups, integrations are an elegant solution that prevents you from overloading your living room with dedicated streaming boxes and other hardware.

For interested users, here’s how to link your Apple Music account to your PS5: From your Media Home, select All applications. Click Apple Music > Download. Load the Apple Music app. Is lAnd insiden Select an existing account Register To create a new one. Follow the prompts to link your accounts

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