You still can’t buy the OnePlus 9 Pro base

69 969 Do not go shopping for base OnePlus 9 Pro Right now – you probably won’t get it. Android Police Comments OnePlus is still not selling the ‘entry’ version with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage despite the April 2 launch date. Third parties like Amazon, Best Buy, B&H and T-Mobile are also not offering the low-cost option. If you want the 9 Pro in fashion as of the time, you’ll have to pay spring for the $ 1,069 12GB / 256GB variant – not a huge premium, but probably more than you wanted to pay.

A representative said OnePlus still wanted to sell the base model, but did not give a deadline. It was not immediately clear why OnePlus suspended the release, even though the high-end version was readily available.

It isn’t entirely surprising Lack of chips All are very common and closing sales for one model can help OnePlus keep up with demand. If it is, you can wait a while. If you agree to trade off in the name of low prices and short-term satisfaction, you may want to consider regular OnePlus 9.

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