YouTube Boulder will not remove a direct stream from outside the mass shooting

YouTube will not record a controversial video on Monday Mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado, That’s gone 10 people diedThe company said on Tuesday. “After yesterday’s tragic shooting, the video outside of the incident was identified by our teams. Violent content intended to push or hate viewers on YouTube is not permitted on YouTube, we do not allow videos in adequate news or documentary context,” a YouTube spokesperson said. Vice News, Edge And other publications. And while the video is still playing, YouTube has added a content alert to it.

Dean Schiller, who captured the video, watched the scene unfold outside the King Scoopers supermarket in Boulder on Monday afternoon. He started broadcasting shortly after the first shot began, and his phone continued recording until he died three hours later. On top of that, about 30,000 people tune in simultaneously to watch the live stream, and as of the writing of this article, the video has a total of over 605,000 views.

Apart from the subject matter, Schiller’s on-screen behavior has also made the clip controversial. In some parts of the video, Shila briefly shows some of the victims. He also speculated about the shooter’s identity and motives, and talked about the tactics police used to practice them. He continues to record the scene despite multiple requests for police to stop. Sheila tells police at one point, “I’m a journalist, don’t yell at me, I’m watching you, I’ll do whatever I want.” In 2019, he was Arrest For filming in the vicinity of the Boulder Country Prison.

A rock-shot video on Monday is a complex issue for YouTube and other video platforms. After the 2019 shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, social media companies Struggling to remove criminal footage Uploaded from their GoPro camera. What makes this latest video different is that it was captured by a visitor and anyone who was not in the building for most of the event. And there are still fears that it will still help Boulder Shooter gain notoriety and publicity.

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