Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

YouTube There is All videos are banned There is misinformation about vaccines currently being administered and approved by local health authorities or the World Health Organization. The measure is an extension of the Covid-1 vaccine policy.

The service says that users For example, post videos claiming that vaccines cause long-term side effects (except for the rare side effects that health authorities acknowledge); Content that complains that the vaccine does not reduce disease transmission or contraction; Or videos that are wrong about the components of the vaccine.

There are some exceptions. YouTube “will continue to allow content about vaccine policies, new vaccine trials and the success or failure of vaccine-specific vaccines.” Users can share scientific testimonials about the vaccine and personal testimonials about their experience, as long as they have a history of disseminating misinformation about the vaccine and their videos comply with other YouTube rules. It should also be okay to post “condemnation, controversy or satire on misinformation” that violates YouTube’s policy.

YouTube reported The Washington Post Which is shutting down channels associated with prominent anti-vaccine advocates, including Joseph Marcola and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., because it did not move to ban all anti-vaccine content immediately because it was focusing on misinformation about the Covid-1 vaccine.

Matt Halprin, vice president of global trust and safety at YouTube, told the publication: “It takes time to create strong policies. “We wanted to introduce a policy that was holistic, consistently enforceable and adequately tackled.”

YouTube as well as Facebook and Twitter are banned COVID-19 Incorrect information In the early days of the epidemic in the spring of 2020. YouTube has removed more than 130,000 videos in violation of the Kovid-1 vaccine, which Was announced last October, And More than a million videos in total Which included misinformation about coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Facebook is working to reduce the spread of anti-vaccine content At least since 2019. It is officially Prohibited vaccine misinformation In February.

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