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If you ever use your phone to listen to music YouTube And wished so badly that the tunes would continue to be cranking as you navigated In other apps, then you know how happy Canadian YouTube users will probably be when they soon experience that exact joy. And hopefully, This is a sign for the rest of us.

On 4 October Blog postYouTube owner Google has announced that free background listening will soon be available for Canadian users of the YouTube Music app.

“Every new update to YouTube music starts with people listening, and we hear you out loud and clear: keep up the music,” Google wrote.

Available November 3, the new feature will enable Canadian users to enjoy “listening to the radio with your screen off”, as announced, any media out of the YouTube Music app will continue uninterrupted, even when you use it for other purposes. Phone or screen off.

Although free background listening has long been the standard fare that Pandora, Spotify, And Tidal has offered users, so far, only those who have subscribed to the premium level of YouTube can access this feature. While it wasn’t immediately clear when listeners from other countries would see the new feature in their own YouTube music apps – Google’s blog simply mentions that users “need to be with us for additional information and expansion plans” assume it’s safe to assume that YouTube will soon The feature will bring a wider audience in the hope of competing with their music-centric rivals.

While this may seem like a decision to expand access to free background listening at first glance, YouTube Premium still has a lot going for it: in addition to ad-free listening, users can download videos for free or offline and easily toggle between regular audio and music videos.

The news comes a few weeks after the success of YouTube Forced to close Several popular Discord Music bots, used to frustrate the dedicated community of users who want to strengthen their server’s background playlists.

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