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Good news, YouTube TV subscribers: Sunday night football Not going anywhere. After a controversial public face-off A contract dispute, YouTube TV and NBC Universal have finally reached an agreement that will put NBCU’s programming on the platform.

Google’s proprietary streaming service Announced Saturday. “This means you won’t lose access to any of their channels, and YouTube TV will continue to offer +5 + networks for +. + Dollars.” We appreciate NBCUniversal’s willingness to work towards an agreement and we appreciate your patience in negotiating with them on your behalf.

The fate of NBCU’s 14 channels on YouTube TV, including NBC, Bravo, E! Set to expire. The two agreed a “Short extension” There was talk of a deal at midnight on Thursday, but no one was predicting whether that short-term solution would end in a final deal or whether NBCU’s channels would be darkened on the platform.

Like YouTube, NBCU also said something good about this drag-and-drop discussion is finally coming to an end.

“We are thrilled to reach an agreement with YouTube TV and continue to offer our entire network portfolio without hindrance,” a company spokesman said in a statement. PFT, An affiliate of NBC Sports. “YouTube is a valuable partner and we never want to get our fans involved in the debate, but we were obliged to inform them of their responsibility. We thank our viewers for their loyalty and promise to bring them the network and program of their choice.”

No company went into more detail about the terms of the contract. We’ve reached out to both YouTube and NBCU to find out more and will update this blog when we hear it again.

The so-called talks are being disrupted NBCU’s request for YouTube TV was to make its streaming service, Peacock, so that its offers stay on the platform. YouTube TV has pushed back against these terms, Argument That NBCU should be treated “like any other TV provider” and that it wants “the same size services” from the media giant.

If the two companies fail to reach an agreement, YouTube TV initially offered to reduce the monthly price of the service from $ 10, $ 64.99 to $ 54.99, making it difficult for customers to lose access to 14 channels. But with a new deal blows, that price will remain the same.

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