Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

YouTube Dislike disguised test Was apparently successful. Service A change is being made that will make the dislike count for videos across YouTube personal The button will still exist (and will affect your recommendations), and producers will still see the count – you will not see the numbers just as a visitor.

The Google-owned brand is aware that some people use counts to make decisions, but thinks that secret counts will greatly help the community. New and smaller producers are often targeted by dislike campaigns, YouTube says, and testing has reduced that harassment. The move would theoretically create an “inclusive and respectable” space where video makers have a better chance of both succeeding and feeling secure.

There is no guarantee that this feature will reach every user or that it will not prompt designated harassers to seek alternatives. It’s no secret that YouTube has its own motives for being attacked by dislikes – just ask. Rewind 2018 team. At the same time, it can discourage ‘casual’ abuse of the dislike button, not to mention Brigading From the group hoping to suppress videos that conflict with their views.

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