Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

New research has found that policies framed by YouTube to prevent election misinformation have had a significant impact on the number of false and misleading videos on Facebook and Twitter. A team of researchers obtained these results from a report Share with New York Times. In the immediate aftermath of the November 3rd U.S. election, researchers have dramatically increased the number of YouTube election fraud videos shared on Twitter. That month, those clips represented about one-third of all election-related videos shared on the platform.

December After December, the day YouTube said it would The claim that massive mistakes and fraud have changed the outcome of the contest has led to a dramatic decline in misleading election claims on Twitter. During that time, the proportion of election fraud videos shared from YouTube to Twitter has dropped below 20 percent. That proportion dropped again after the U.S. Capitol riots when YouTube said it would Any channel spreads misinformation about election results. By the time President Biden was sworn in on January 20, only five percent of all election fraud videos on Twitter were coming from YouTube.

Researchers have found that the same trend is spreading on Facebook. Prior to YouTube’s December policy decision, about 1 percent of all videos shared on the platform were related to the theory of electoral fraud. On the opening day, that number dropped to four percent. To compile their results, the New York University team collected a random sample of 10 percent of all tweets per day and then dismantled the links attached to YouTube videos. They did the same thing on Facebook using the company Tool.

If nothing else, the results highlight the big role that YouTube plays in how we share information at the moment. As the most universal video platform on the Internet, the organization has ample power to shape political discussions. Its principles can do both great harm and good. “It’s a huge part of the information ecosystem,” said Megan Brown, a researcher at the Center for Social Media and Politics. The Times. “While the YouTube platform is healthy, so do others.”

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