Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Zoom held its annual ZoomTupia conference today, giving a glimpse of the features it is working on to bring to its video conferencing software. There are many improvements to be made about the calculation, but some of the more significant ones are the possibility of changing how you use the service.

The first is an extension of Zoom’s automatic closing caption system. Zoom in at the beginning of the year Announced By the beginning of 2021, it was making this feature available to all its users. Now, the company plans to make it work in a total of 0 languages. It is adding live translation support for 12 languages. Both expansions will occur next year and will come after the company Bought a startup Which specializes in real-time translation.

Zoom is doing an extended job Whiteboard experience Which will make the feature available on the web and outside of meetings and calls. To that end, you’ll get a separate whiteboard tab when the beta experience launches later this year. Then, sometime next year, Zoom plans to bring its video conferencing software and whiteboard feature with Facebook to the company. Horizon workroom To allow you to access both of them in virtual reality.

Zoom is working on several small but still notable features. For example, support for end-to-end encryption is coming Zoom phone, Which will allow you to secure phone calls made through zoom. Check out Company blog post To see what is working at the moment.

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